A Tale of  Three Friends + Skincare  

Welcome to Fulton + Market! If you made it here you are wondering one of two things "Who are they" or "why are they" and the answer to both of those is super simple! We're Fulton + Market the brainchild of three friends joined together by their crappy skin, amazing products, and love for the people of the world around us. 

We offer a unique handcrafted Skincare, Bath + Body, and Home assortment complimented by artisan Jewelry made by amazing Syrian Refugee women in San Diego. 


Our Skincare is unparalleled in its ability to combine the power of natural compounds with science to create unbelievable results without all the bad stuff. We offer a wide range of targeted skincare options to work with any skin type. Our stores even offer individualized skin testing to help you find that perfect regimen that works and won't break the bank. 

Our journey to healthy skin and hydrated skin usually starts in the shower. Our bath + body category is founded on the idea of HYDRATION always in all ways. We offer a unique line of products that focus on your skin's hydration before, during, and after the shower. We strive to give you the best shower without stripping your skins delicate microbiome and hydrating while getting you clean. Top it all off with our amazing aloe hydrator and body butter and you have amazing hydration and thanks to our amazing blended natural fragrance oils you will smell great too! 

We love offering you the best in your life, skin, home, and love. Come into one of our stores or dig into our shop and find your perfect routine or a great gift for someone you love. 

We can't wait to meet you, 

-Team F+M